Single Account Holder (NRB Investor):

  • Photocopy of Passport / Social Security Card / Resident Card etc duly attest (If you are staying in a foreign country then attestation needs to be done by the respective Bangladesh Embassy or High Commission).
  • An FC account with any Bank with branch in Bangladesh. FC account certificate should be provided with BO form.
  • 02 passport size photographs duly attested by the investor.
  • A Nominee – beneficiary in case of death of the investor. His/her signature and photo (duly attested by the investor) on the prescribed form provided by the brokerage house.
  • Employment certificate / trade license copy / work permit or Pay slip / tax return document as a proof of earning status of the NRB.
  • A nominated person with POA holder (Power of Attorney) will sign trading documents on behalf of the NRB while he is in abroad. His/her photo (attested by the NRB) and signature in a prescribed form provided by the brokerage house (POA holder can be any adult person of legal age residing in Bangladesh)
  • Initial fund will have to be a cheque or pay order or other allowed form drawn from the FC account
  • All signatures shall be the same as in all the documents.

 Joint Account Holder (NRB Investor):

  • All above documents of single account holder except bank certificate will have to be furnished.
  • 02 copies passport size photographs of joint holder (Signed by joined holder.)
  • The BO form, Power of Attorney and Nominee form can be downloaded from our website.
  • For Link Account you have to attach photocopy of existing BO account profile.
  • All signatures must be same as in attached papers.
  • Don’t paste photograph with glue.